Sewing and clothing design

We provide a  classes to  aspiring youth and young adult with a vision to equip them with skills they need to start their careers and small businesses  in the clothing industry. We fund these classes through donations from public and other stakeholders, allowing us to provide them close to no cost to our students.

Young Women Programme

The programme focuses on the experience of leadership amongst South 

African young women. It encourages them to embrace transformational values that would promote 

peaceful co-existence in South Africa, and the world at large

Heritage Bridging the Gap

This programme seeks to preserve the raw and rich history of our community, while showcasing the diverse culture of our people.

Food Technology

This programme provides our students with skills to produce their own food products, from confectionery making to sweets making, from meats to desserts making, in the process empowering them skills and support to open their own restaurants.

Leather Works Training

We  train our students to be able to use leather to design products such as footwear, belts, bags, wallets, etc. Upon acquiring such skills, we teach and mentor them in their entrepreneurship activities.

Furniture and pottery making

Our students learn how to use clay and wood to make finished products, with a focus on designing, crafting and be finishing trademans, Here we get to blend upholstery and leatherworks in furniture designing,


Donating is important

Help us build a better future and create hope.