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Sinakho Leadership Support and Skills Development Centre is dedicated to providing top-notch leadership support and skills development in Cape Town, WC. With a focus on empowering individuals and organizations, we offer tailored programs and resources to foster growth and success.

Our team is committed to delivering high-quality training and support to help our clients achieve their leadership and skills development goals. At Sinakho, we strive to be the leading centre for leadership and skills development in the region, making a positive impact on our community.

Our History

Feb 2024

We are still open and running a classes and all our programme

Thanks to generous donations, our doors are open and running the sewing classes and we had more of our past students join our organization as volunteers to help move the cause 

Feb 2021

Inkaba Langa Legends Heritage Launch

We started what will be a fulfilling journey of celebrating our heritage and heroes, and two years later we celebrated 30 living and past legends in Feb 2023, in our Inkaba Langa Legends Heritage Heroes Award. 

Septmber 2020

During Covid 2019, we did not close our doors.

Our center was able to comply with regulations and could still provide needed support to our students.


We had our biggest enrolment- 50 students in the Sewing and fashion design class.

Our first year was a big success and we had even a bigger demand from the community, and we took a leap of faith and doubled our enrolment from the previous year.

January 2015

First 25 students enrolled for the Sewing and fashion design classes.

This was a big milestone for our organization. We have been planning to get this started since the inception and finally through the efforts of few our our donors, we were able to get the first class enrolled.

November 2012

Young Woman Programme started.

We had our first Young Women Seminars, and the the momentum picked in the following year, which led to us formalizing this programme,

August 2011

Sinakho Leadership Support & Skills Development was incorporated,

We started with just a vision and few financial sacrifices made by our founding members. We saw the need in our community and we could not just sit and do nothing.


As they say, every donation matters, it goes towards the running of the organization and allows us to fund the programmes that we provide. Every donation is regarded as a generous donation and a sacrifice towards out course.

we have tried to make this process as easy as possible.  

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We are based in the Western Cape province in the Republic of South Africa, in a small urban township called Langa in the Cape Town area. Langa is the oldest townships in South Africa established in 1923 and like any other township, the people are striving to empower themselves with skills and ability in order to fight the the plague of unemployment.

Yes, our registration number is NPC: 2011/143828 and NPO:130578

Ye definitely. Please make an appointment via email and we gladly organize with one of our tour guide to to you for a tour of our centre. 


Donating is important

Help us build a better future and create hope.