What's important for us...

Our non-profit organization teaches skills for sewing clothes that have a significant impact on individuals and communities. Here are  activities and programs that we offer:

1. Sewing classes:

Offer beginner to advanced sewing classes, teaching various techniques, patterns, and garment construction.

2. Workshops and masterclasses:

Host specialized workshops on specific skills like alterations, embroidery, or quilting.

3. Mentorship programs:

Pair experienced sewers with beginners for guidance and support.

4. Community projects:

Organize group sewing projects, like creating clothes for local charities or sewing machines for developing communities.

5. Scholarship programs:

Offer scholarships or grants for students to pursue sewing education or start their own sewing businesses.

6. Fabric and supply donations:

Collect and distribute donated fabric, notions, and sewing machines to those in need.

7. Sewing machine maintenance and repair:

Teach participants how to maintain and repair their own sewing machines.

8. Entrepreneurship training:

Provide resources and training for those interested in starting their own sewing-related businesses.

9. Fashion shows and exhibitions:

Host events to showcase participants' creations and celebrate their accomplishments.

10. Partnerships and collaborations:

Partner with local schools, community centers, and organizations to expand your reach and impact.

11. Sewing camps and retreats: 

Organize sewing camps or retreats for a immersive learning experience.

By offering these programs and activities, our non-profit organization is able to empower individuals with sewing skills, foster creativity, and build a supportive community.

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